What We've Been Doing - Summer Term

Friday 3rd May

This week in English we have been using the video clip ‘Origins’ from the website Literacy Shed (https://www.literacyshed.com/origins.html) to support our learning. We started the week by discussing the video clip, stopping at different parts and asking/answering questions. We held another debate as to whether we think the robot should go into the factory or go back to the woods. It is nice to see children becoming more confident to share their opinions and understand why it is important that we can learn to agree or disagree with each other and develop our reasoning to explain our viewpoints. We have used this clip to learn how to use speech marks correctly by thinking about what the robot might be saying at different points in the clip. We have also written our own setting description about what the factory might look like inside. This has enabled children to use their imagination and include adjectives and similes in their writing. At the end of the week children will be writing an alternative ending to this story, which they seem to be very excited about!


This week was our last week of doing maypole. The children have loved learning how to dance the maypole. They can dance a few different dances now completely independently, without the teacher even saying a word – I am very proud of them! We videoed this dance and we are looking forward to sharing it with the rest of the school.

Photos will follow shortly.

Friday 26th April

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We hope that you enjoyed the wonderful sunshine and are all well rested and ready for our busy last term of school.

Our topic this term is called ‘Into the Woods’. In this topic we will be using fairy tales to help us develop our creative writing and descriptions. This topic will complement our Camp trip which we are very excited about!

We began this topic by going to investigate our wildlife area for clues due to receiving an intriguing letter from a passer-by over the Easter holidays! We noticed that some things were out of place and we are still trying to figure out what might have happened in there. When we find out what has been in our wildlife area we are going to write back to Wendy to tell her all about it!

In English the first text we looked at was a story called ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann. This was about a polar bear that got lost and ended up in the woods. We had fun debating whether the polar bear should stay or go home and the children enjoyed carrying out a ‘conscience alley’ to put across their opinions. We looked at the poet Michael Rosen and one of his poems ‘Dinnertime’. We were inspired by this poem and decided to create our own poem with a similar structure, using an illustration from our story book ‘Leaf’. The children sequenced their poems and then performed them. It is lovely to see children’s confidence and independence develop as they continue to grow in Year 2. The children also noticed the amazing illustrations in this book and we found out Sandra Dieckmann actually illustrated the book herself! This inspired us to create some art work using the same techniques as Sandra Dieckmann. We have also looked at different artists that draw and paint woodland scenes, including Monet.

Photos will follow shortly.

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