Curriculum Intent.

At Robert Miles Infant School we recognise we are privileged to be involved right at the start of your children’s learning journey. We are passionate about promoting and instilling a curiosity and love for learning through an inspiring and challenging curriculum preparing children to become lifelong learners.

Our curriculum aims to be creative and flexible, responding to the children’s interests and the world around them to ensure that learning is meaningful and relevant, whilst ensuring there is coverage and progression of key skills. We realise the importance of every minute of every day that the children spend with us, and fill it with rich, first-hand experiences that seek to challenge, engage and stimulate the children, providing the highest possible standards of education to raise aspirations. We know that children need a mixture of knowledge and skills to be independent in their learning and achieve this through different styles of learning, offering opportunities to be imaginative, explore the environment and ask questions to shape their learning. As well as discrete lessons in areas such as maths, phonics and spelling we offer cross curricular opportunities where children can apply the basic skills. Our school provides a safe, secure environment where we actively teach and promote attitudes to learning such as resilience and willingness to learn. Our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education ensures we help children to explore their feelings and beliefs and to respect and celebrate diversity, appreciating the uniqueness and successes of all and the motto of ‘Work hard, be kind’ can be felt in everything we do.

We believe that everyone is entitled to an engaging and meaningful school experience through an appropriate curriculum, which inspires everyone to learn and achieve, whilst valuing the uniqueness of individuals and their beliefs.

Our curriculum develops excellent Literacy and Numeracy foundations and utilises these skills effectively enabling us to develop the whole child.

We are committed to developing the whole child, supporting them in achieving their full potential, physically, academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. We use engaging and stimulating opportunities both in and outside of school to inspire our pupils and bring meaningful learning to each lesson.

Staff work closely together to ensure consistency across the year groups, building on each child’s skills and challenging thinking in all aspects of their learning. Flexible supportive approaches enable the unique needs of each child to be catered for throughout our school.


February 2019


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