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~ March 2023 ~

We held a meeting to share our development plans and get feedback for some proposed changes.  If you were unable to attend I have created this newsletter to share the key messages.  I hope this is useful and interesting to you. We will hold some more meetings in the future if you are able to join us then.

WINDOWS (blinds)

As you will have seen the new windows were fitted over the summer and the blinds no longer fit as the previous windows were boarded up at the top so the blinds began lower down.  We have some money left over from the project to fit new blinds when we can find a company that specialises in such large windows!


The current boiler has reached its’ end of life and will need replacing. We have a temporary fix which may last another year or so. Unfortunately, all the pipes run under the floor so this is a big job. To ensure we keep the period features all the new radiators will be in the style of the originals.


This too has reached its’ end of life and will need to be replaced.  Again, we will do our utmost to keep the original ridge tiles which form part of our beautiful building.


Work has begun on redecorating classrooms and corridors. Because research shows the positive impact on learning of calm, neutral colours and spaces which are not visually too busy and distracting, we have used warm neutral heritage colours.


To support the transition from Early Years to Year 1 we have invested in new furniture which enables children to revisit and refine their skills and knowledge during their independent learning time.  This is something they are used to from being in Reception but the resources have been carefully chosen in order to move the learning on.  Again, the environment is full of natural materials and calm colours.


After a heatwave, extreme wet and a frosty period we finally got our new turf laid.  This replaced the old slippery liner which was a safety concern.  Children will be able to begin to use this space after Easter, when the turf has settled.  We want to lay some all-weather paths so that the space can be used year-round.


The old trim trail was rotten so we have ordered new to replace what was lost.  The school council have worked with Mrs Jaques to plan what they wanted.  This should be fitted over Easter and will go into the side field.  This position should be better because it is not under trees so will not get covered in bird muck!


The fencing next to our reception unit is being replaced with something that will provide more security and privacy.


Our Forest School area has really developed and we now have seating and a canopy to allow us to be outside whatever the weather.  Our long-term plan is to have a purpose build cabin classroom for the children to use.


You may have noticed there is a patch of space next to the new turf that has been left bare.  This is where our new allotment will go.  The children wanted a grow club so Mrs Wright, a trained horticulturist will be taking on the role of helping the children to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers.  Mr Winter, our school gardener is hoping to build the raised beds in the next couple of weeks.  Many thanks to East Bridgford Garden Centre for their kind donation of three pallets of compost.

We are working with our Estates team to remodel the inside space.  This will give us more appropriate space to work with individual children and small groups in quiet rooms rather than the corridor which we currently use.  We are also planning a small extension off the current school office to allow more space for parents who are visiting as well as a room for parents to meet with staff.  We also need to create a suitable space for staff who at present do not have adequate space to work and rest outside of their classrooms.

Because our new windows are grey the current blue school branding does not quite work with the colour scheme or ethos of the schools’ approach to natural colours.  We are therefore looking at rebranding our school logo and would love to hear your thoughts on some of the designs we have.  The aim is to choose colours that reflect our ethos and give us a strong identity.

We are committed to reducing waste and saving money so when the new uniform is introduced we would continue to use the existing one and would only introduce it one year at a time, starting with each new reception intake.  So, whenever you were buying a new uniform it could be the new version.  This way there would be no additional cost.  We are also investigating alternatives to logo jumpers, such as iron on badges as a more cost-effective alternative.  I will send out the proposed designs so you can have your say.

I know from talking to parents that Robert Miles Infants has not had the investment over the years that it deserved. One of the reasons that we joined Nova Education Trust was to ensure that we had a team to support the school to continue to provide excellent education.  In order to do this the building needs to be fit for purpose.  We have an estates team who support us in accessing funding to do the projects I have talked about.  This funding is provided by the government to ensure schools are safe and appropriate places to learn.  Therefore, any major work we have planned does not come from our existing school budget so there is no conflict between providing resources (staffing, materials and specialist provision) and maintaining the integrity of the building.  As we have more information about future plans we will meet again.  We also consult pupils and staff about our plans.  If you have any questions or comments then please do come and speak to me or come along to our next meeting.

Sponsored Read – Many thanks to everyone who got involved with our Readathon.  We raised a whopping £1765.70. This money will be used to build up our library of books and will be of benefit to all our pupils.  Well done to everyone who raised money doing something they love.

Family Lunches – We have really enjoyed welcoming our families in to join us at lunch. This is something we are keen to continue so keep an eye out for our next set of dates.

Guinea Pigs – We keep a list in the office of families who would like to take care of Robert and Miles over the holidays. We draw the names randomly.  If you would like to be added to the list please contact the office.

SEND/Wellbeing Meeting – Mrs Marshall and Mrs Tilley held a coffee morning.  This was an opportunity to meet with other parents, chat to staff and have a cuppa.  These meetings are open to anyone who has any concerns or questions or anyone who fancies a cuppa!  We will be holding another meeting soon – more details to follow.

Uniform Swap - As part of our commitment to reducing landfill and upcycling, during our Parents Meetings we will leave out spare uniform for you to take or swap. Feel free to bring any unwanted uniform for others to use.  


Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or comments then please do come and see me.

Have a lovely Easter break!