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This year the whole school, staff and children alike, will all be working as Eco Warriors. Our regular volunteer Mrs Harley will work with small groups of children each week. Mrs Harley and whole school assemblies will help to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of how they can make a difference to their environment. We follow the principles of the Eco Schools programme - please read about the exciting ways we are looking after our school and the wildlife within our grounds.

Bio diversity

Bio diversity is a topic that affects us all - insects, mammals, reptiles, trees and birds. All species, including humans, require a basic range of resources to keep them alive and healthy. We have a wonderful wildlife area with a pond, bug hotels, hedgehog shelters, bird boxes and feeders.


The children are aware that saving energy is good for our environment. Our children are encouraged to:

  • turn off lights when they leave the classroom
  • turn off projectors that are not being used
  • turn off laptops when not in use


We all look after our school and grounds by ensuring that any litter is picked up and put into a bin. Colourful bins are on the playground and the children use these when peeling their fruit. The children are always keen to use the brooms and litter pickers at play time to keep our grounds tidy.


We have recycling bins in every classroom and common rooms. We recycle used pens, printer ink cartridges and greetings cards. The Friends of the School, our fund raising parent support group, recycle donated school uniform. They sell second hand uniform at our regular fund raising events. Within our school grounds we have a compost bin that we use to recycle tea bags and uneaten fruit.


We have scooter and bike racks to encourage our children ride to school. We take part in the Walk to School Week challenge.. We discuss with the children the health benefits of walking to/from school and how not using a car cuts air pollution.


We save water by having sensor operating taps in our toilets. We installed water hippos in our toilet cisterns to conserve water when flushing. We also conserve rain water by collecting it in water butts.

School Grounds

We have a sensory garden and wildlife area within our school grounds. We hold Eco evenings where pupils and their parents are invited to get involved with the up keep of these amazing assets to our school. We have our own greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles. This autumn we have planted seeds to create a wildflower border along our boundary fence on the school field. In the spring, we hope to see a colourful display of wild flowers that will attract and help lots of wildlife to thrive. The children have been painting cobble stones to create a feature in the middle of our wildflower border.

Healthy Living

We teach how important diet and exercise are to having a healthy life. Fruit is provided for all the children in the mornings. We grow fruit and herbs in our sensory garden. We have an outside quiet area - somewhere to sit and relax at play times.

Global Citizenship

We support Comic Relief by fund raising on Red Nose Day and show the children how their donations can change lives in other countries as well as their own. We have raised funds for Sport Relief, The Lymphoma Association and Diabetes UK. The children have also taken part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal by providing a Christmas box for children or teenagers less fortunate than themselves.

This Year we took part in Numbers Day to raise money for the NSPCC. The children were asked to bring in any spare coins they had at home - We raised a massive £315.00! In September we held a very special Macmillan coffee morning - lots of delicious cakes were generously donated and we raised £286.00!

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