Wednesday 20th October 2021 is Open evening for current students attending school. Please see the pupil and parent portal for more information.

Year 1 - Beech & Cedar

January 2021

During this period of lockdown our online learning will be posted on Tapestry. If you have trouble accessing your account please ring the school office.

Thursday 19th March

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Wednesday 18th March - Home Study Packs

We have prepared a home study pack which you should receive today. Pupils who are already self-isolating can arrange for theirs to be collected through the office. The pack is being sent home today in case schools are given short notice of closure or if you choose to self-isolate. If your child is still attending school then hold onto the pack - it is not to do as well as coming to school.

Each pack contains learning activities to do with your child. We have thought carefully about the work we are sending home and made sure it is learning that has been previously taught in school. It is paramount that children attempt to complete the pack of work as this is learning we would be recapping in school and research suggests that the way children remember and recall learning is by practising it regularly.

In the pack you will find a login to Purple Mash. This hosts an assortment of curriculum focused activities, creative tools, programmes and games to support and inspire creative learning every day.

As well as the work in the pack, please access this page on the website regularly. We will also be sending out regular maths and topic/English activity ideas through Tapestry. This will be our main point of communication during the school closure.

Regular maths challenges will include accessing the Topmarks website and completing a Daily 10 recap quiz. Please feel free to do these more frequently (and at a different level than recommended) if appropriate for your child. We have included a set of maths 1 minute challenges. These should be cut and used one per day to revise.

It is also important that your child has the opportunity to either read or listen to a story daily, as they would in school, to help with all elements of reading but especially to develop essential comprehension skills. Please see the attached ‘Parent Reading Questions’ to give you ideas for the type of questions to ask.

Please also continue to practice reading and spelling the ‘Year 1 common exception words’ (the tick list included in the home study pack).

Children may also want to complete any unfinished challenges from their Autumn or Spring homework menu.

Thank you for your support. We will regularly be in contact during the school closure and please contact us via Tapestry if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Hindmarsh and Mrs Attwood

Year 1 Maths

Set yourself up for free on Khan Academy.

Select Early Math from the course list. Watch some videos and try the activities. Different assignments will be set daily here.

Try printing some of the excellent reasoning resources from

In the event of a school closure, a different challenge will be set regularly to recap prior learning. We will also provide challenges in a home learning pack. Have a go and take your time as some are quite tricky!

You could practise counting forwards and backwards in ones to 100; twos to 50; fives to 60 and tens to 120. Play games which involve counting or subtilising numbers eg. Dominoes, dice games.

Topmarks website - for daily 10 and other activities.

Year 1 Reading

Read your colour banded books at least three times following the ideas at the front of the book and asking lots of questions.

Your Home Study pack contains Year 1 Common Exception Words. Practise reading and writing these. Please see the attached questions you can ask to support reading comprehension.

Phonics play

Phonics play have a free membership avaliable now.

Username: march20

Password: home

Year 1 Topic

Find out more about the capital cities we have learnt about so far - London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Write a different postcard or create a fact file. What can you find out about Wales and Northern Ireland?

You might want to remind your children of some of the songs that we have been learning on BBC Radio about famous significant people. Here is a link to the website.

A different topic challenge will be set on a regular basis.

Free TWINKL membership for all our parents and carers

Twinkl are offering every parent and carer temporary access (one month) to their on-line learning resources. Setting this up is really easy - go to


and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

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