Vision and Values

Robert Miles Infants strives to be a warm and happy place where work and play go hand in hand. We offer children opportunities and challenges to achieve their true potential, both academically and socially. We offer an inspiring, creative learning environment that develops the whole child to create a life-long love of learning.

We are committed to ensuring everyone within our school feels valued, supported and equal, while working together to reach our full potential. We have four whole school threads which we aim to develop in all aspects of school life, where possible:

Prioritise developing children’s 'Positive Attitudes for Learning (PAL) by developing positive learning behaviours and attitudes, focusing on engagement, motivation and critical thinking.

Place reading at the heart of everything we do by developing confident readers, instilling a love of reading and providing purposeful cross-curricular reading opportunities.

Promote equality and diversity, with the aim of providing an equitable start for our children, where commonalities and differences are valued and celebrated. Our pupils will develop cultural awareness through a diverse and inclusive curriculum.

Develop an understanding of how to care for our environment by supporting children to take an interest and responsibility, as global citizens and custodians of our planet.

Our goal is for every child to leave our school happy and successful, with memories they will cherish and skills that are the foundation of their future learning.