Summer Term 2024

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Commotion in the Ocean!

Summer Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Summer Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter

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We used a range of sources (fact pages, Internet and non-fiction books) to find out about a famous explorer called Christopher Columbus. We learnt about his expedition and how he was a brave and determined explorer. However, we also held a mature discussion/debate about how he treated others during his expedition too!


In art we have been inspired by the artist Robert Longo.

He is a drawing artist who uses charcoal and chalk to create realistic pictures. He creates different tones by using different amounts of pressure. We linked our art with our history learning to create a picture of waves (representing the great storm that Christopher Columbus found himself in during his expedition in 1942).

Here is some of his artwork which inspired us.

Take a look at our gallery to see our fantastic artwork.

Design & Technology

In DT this half-term have been learning the basics of sewing. We have learnt how to thread the thread (wool or cotton) through the eye of the needle (which can be very tricky)! We have learnt to move the needle through the fabric (binka and felt) to create stitches. We have used our new skills to attach two pieces of felt together and attach a button to create our own flags!

Take a look through our gallery to see more photos!

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